FAQ - Truveta
  • What is Truveta and how will it save lives with data?

    Leading health providers have united to advance patient care by forming Truveta, a company with a vision of Saving Lives with Data. Our health provider members care for tens of millions of people and operate thousands of care facilities, providing more than 15% of all care in the United States. Clinical data from this care is de-identified daily and brought together in the Truveta platform to advance patient care and accelerate development of new therapies.

    Truveta will enable the health community to learn rapidly from each other and exabytes of de-identified data, turning data into knowledge near real-time, all while carefully protecting patient privacy and data security.

  • Why is it important for the health care providers to come together?

    For years, there has been the belief that health data could dramatically improve health outcomes. Yet, there has not been enough data collected to statistically represent all patients and the right technical capabilities to structure, normalize and de-identify the data to enable insights. With Truveta, we have enough data at scale to dramatically advance innovation in healthcare with collective commitment to partner on ethical innovation. Clinical researchers from around the world will collaborate and find new insights to improve human health, using the Truveta platform. Over time, we believe data can save lives and deliver significant advances in health equity. Learn more here.

  • Who are the founders of Truveta?

    In September 2020, Truveta was formed with Providence, Advocate Aurora Health, Tenet Health, and Trinity Health as founding members, along with CEO Terry Myerson. Soon after, with a vision of together Saving Lives with Data, innovative health providers like AdventHealth, Baptist Health of Northeast Florida, Bon Secours Mercy Health, CommonSpirit Health, Hawaii Pacific Health, Henry Ford Health System, Memorial Hermann Health System, Northwell Health, Novant Health, Sentara Healthcare joined in the formation of Truveta. Together, these health providers care for tens of millions of patients and operate thousands of care facilities across 40 states.

  • Who will use Truveta?

    Using advanced AI and machine learning, Truveta will deliver tools to physicians, clinical researchers, and biopharma, with aggregate analysis of conditions, therapies, and prognosis. Truveta aims to help every healthcare provider have access to expert information and advance health for all through useful and broadly available tools.

  • Why does the world need Truveta now?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how much the world needs to learn faster, so we can better serve our communities. We want to help researchers find cures faster, empower every clinician to be an expert and help families make the most informed decisions on their care. If the Truveta platform had existed, physicians could have learned so much more from each other:

    • Which medications are most effective? When should patients be intubated?
    • Why do African American men have significantly higher mortality rates?
    • What are the effects of COVID-19 on mental health?

    Faster answers to questions could have saved thousands of lives and improved the lives of millions; and researchers could have staffed clinical trials more quickly with statistically representative populations, shaving months from the vaccine approval process. This is just one example that could be applied to virtually any medical condition.

  • How can Truveta help advance health equity?

    Truveta and its health provider members share a common mission and believe nobody should be left behind. We have a unique opportunity to use data to improve the delivery of health care, so it is better, stronger, and more responsive to the needs of everyone – especially vulnerable and underserved populations. With national data and scalable technology, we can work together to deliver health services to the people who need it most.

  • When do you plan to launch a product or service?

    Truveta is making rapid progress on building the Truveta platform with a team of technical and healthcare experts. Truveta is simultaneously pursuing the security certifications and privacy audits necessary to ensure trust and confidence in data protection. We look forward to sharing more details by end of year.

  • How is Truveta governed?

    Truveta is health provider created and governed by innovative partners caring for tens of millions of patients and operating thousands of care facilities across more than 40 states. Truveta receives ongoing guidance to ensure the company is operating in pursuit of its vision and mission including health provider led Board of Directors and Board of Governors, who provide strategic, scientific and operational advice on specific areas of expertise including Ethics & Health Equity, Data Integrity, and Clinical Use.

  • How is Truveta different from other healthcare data organizations?

    Truveta is unique in its breadth and depth of clinical data, broad and diverse representation of its health provider members and the communities they serve, strength of its dedicated technical team, and united mission to rapidly make progress on its vision.

  • What type of insights will Truveta provide?

    Using de-identified clinical and operational data, the Truveta platform will be a statistically significant data platform for health with high quality data updated at least daily. Truveta will provide clinical insights across all diagnoses, geographies, and demographics from structured and unstructured datatypes.

  • How will Truveta protect privacy of data?

    Truveta is deeply committed to patient privacy, cybersecurity, and ethical innovation. All data on the Truveta platform will be de-identified and Truveta is pursuing the most stringent security certifications.

  • How will Truveta de-identify data?

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)established a Privacy Rule that protects Protected Health Information (PHI),when held by healthcare systems. It also outlines specific guidance that can be applied to PHI so the resulting data is de-identified. Truveta will follow the “Expert Determination” method outlined in the Privacy Rule.

  • How is Truveta employee access to patient data managed?

    A small number of employees have limited and timebound access to health data within the health providers’ protected containers in a highly controlled and managed environment. Truveta requires an extensive three-step approval process prior to accessing data, keeping careful record of who has access with stringent requirements for ongoing approvals, and requiring comprehensive privacy and security training prior to accessing data.

  • What training will the Truveta team undergo before accessing health provider data?

    All members of the Truveta team receive extensive privacy, security, and ethics training.

  • What security certifications are you pursuing?

    Truveta is currently working on achieving external certifications from ISO, SOC2, and HITRUST.

  • Will Truveta comply with state specific privacy laws?

    Yes, Truveta will comply with all state and federal privacy laws.

  • How do health providers get involved? Can others join?

    Truveta welcomes all health providers to participate. While we are starting in the U.S., we aspire to serve patients globally. We welcome interested parties to reach out to us via info@truveta.com.