To celebrate a strong year as a company, we want to take a moment and share some words from Truvetans about what they are doing as we wrap up the calendar year. From preparing to spend time with loved ones to going outside to play, we encourage our team to take this time to recharge and reflect on this past year.

Over the next few days, we’ll share what Truvetans are most proud of in 2021 and what they’re most excited about in 2022.

Lish Mark, VP of Communications

What are you most proud of in 2021? 

I joined Truveta on the first of the year and hard to believe it’s been almost 12 months. I am so proud of this team for the incredible work to introduce the Truveta Platform last month. I am most proud of the opportunity to tell their stories and be part of the magic. I never would have imagined we’d be this far this fast. In talking with one of our health system partner leaders recently, I was reminded of that feeling and excitement as she celebrated the progress we’ve made together.  

 What is your favorite end of year tradition/s?  

My former colleagues from Harris & Smith Public Affairs get together every year at this time to reconnect. At any given time our numbers ranged from 2-10 people, but over the years we’ve stayed connected even with those we didn’t work with. The stories we share and the memories we continue to make with each other captures the true spirit of the season. Sadly, my family was in quarantine this year and we couldn’t make it, but I look forward to this celebration every year. 

What are you excited about for 2022? Do you have any new year’s resolutions? 

Professionally, I’m so excited to share insights, charts and learnings from the Truveta Platform. Every day I get the opportunity to explore our custom COVID-19 dashboards. I can’t wait to share what we’re learning. Make sure to follow Truveta on LinkedIn for the latest insights. And personally, I’m ready for ski season with my kiddos. Bring on the snow!