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Truveta Announces Strategic Collaboration with Pfizer to Accelerate Safety Insights in Real Time

  Real World Data on a grand scale empowers Pfizer to identify, monitor, and evaluate potential signals immediately using complete Electronic Medical Record data, updated daily for more than 50 million people. Truveta today announced a strategic collaboration with Pfizer to deliver new safety insights on a continuous basis, using verifiable real-world data at scale. … Continued

Truveta advances security and trust earning multiple ISO certifications, SOC 2 attestation

When Truveta launched in late 2020, one of the first hires was its CISO Oscar Papel. “With our vision of saving lives with data comes great responsibility,” said Oscar Papel, chief information security officer and vice president of engineering. “Healthcare data is arguably the most sensitive data there is, so we have the obligation and … Continued

Partnering to Improve Data Quality and Health Equity

Truveta and Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions partner to create the most complete, highest quality U.S. public health data platform 2022 is off to a rough start with this Omicron variant. I continue to be in awe of the healthcare community who continue to work tirelessly to care for the sick. I am grateful for the … Continued

The First Insights from the Truveta Platform: COVID-19

Today is a special day for us at Truveta. In just under two weeks, our team was able to ask and answer an important medical question using one of the largest comprehensive real-time datasets of fully vaccinated Americans. This inaugural custom study is an illustration of the potential before us. More than the science alone, … Continued

Partnering with Microsoft to Accelerate Our Vision of Saving Lives with Data

The COVID-19 global pandemic illustrates so clearly there is more information, yet less knowledge and insights than ever before. Healthcare providers and researchers need better data and faster answers to address the most challenging issues in patient care – not just for this pandemic, but for all health conditions which we each face. We feel … Continued

Truveta Grows to More Than 15% of U.S. Patient Care with New Members, Closing Series A Funding with Nearly $100 Million

I will never forget when I first wrote the words Hello from Truveta. I was the first employee of a new startup imagined by several innovative healthcare leaders who believed that by working together we could achieve a compelling vision: Saving Lives with Data. What started with four health systems grew rapidly. In just a few months, … Continued

Creating Truveta to Save Lives with Data

It was March 2020. I was quarantined in my home with my family, genuinely a little scared for the world at large. What is going on with this new virus? How do I protect those I love? Why are so many dying? Why don’t we have more data to help us now? That same month … Continued