Ethics Policy

Truveta ethics policy

Last Updated November 2021

Truveta was founded and is led by innovative health systems who believe their collective de-identified data can be used to accelerate research, advance health equity, and save lives. Our health system members provide data from thousands of sites of care representing the full diversity of the United States across age, geography, race, ethnicity, and gender. Clinical data from our members is de-identified daily and brought together in an unprecedented data platform to enable research on all health conditions.

Truveta’s health system members founded Truveta to help improve patient care, advance health equity, accelerate treatments during pandemics and more, all while safeguarding patient privacy. We know that we must earn trust with patients and researchers to achieve this. We strive to earn trust through a broad set of commitments to:

  • Advance care for all. We are committed to advancing patient care and health equity with data. Truveta’s platform is licensed for ethical medical research, not to target advertising to patients or physicians. Truveta’s platform enables transparency of the data used to train AI systems, helping to prevent the introduction of unintended bias in those systems.
  • Protect the sanctity of clinical data. We aim to deliver the highest quality data to guide scientific discovery and medical decisions while preserving patient privacy. We embrace ISO, SOC2 and HITRUST audits of our security, and Expert Determination of our de-identification to ensure compliance with the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule. We simulate landmark clinical studies on the platform to ensure consistency with results that are the standard of care.
  • Operate with transparency. We believe transparency is essential to building trust. We are transparent about the source and nature of our data, and any transformations done to it. We are transparent about our business operations.

With these commitments in mind, we will serve the patients of our health system members, the broader community and the medical research community as follows.

Patients. We aim to uphold the trust that patients place in our health system members. We are committed to safeguarding patient privacy, using de-identified data to improve patient care. We will not sell identifiable patient data. We will be transparent regarding the uses of de-identified data and will only pursue paths that promote overall health and well-being.

People in Communities. We aim to improve the health of communities at large. In supporting these communities, we will promote the healthcare of individuals with diverse backgrounds, needs, and experiences. We will always seek to do what is right for vulnerable patients and communities. We will foster open and transparent dialogue on how we can best serve patient communities and adhere to our mission.

Partners and Use Cases. Truveta will form partnerships with other organizations who are committed to improving healthcare. We will not form partnerships with organizations that we believe have negative effects on patients or the broader community. We will not enter into partnerships that aim to support targeted advertising to patients, physicians or anyone else. We will promote fair, open and scientifically sound research. We will use our de-identified data to promote the best possible healthcare outcomes for the patients we aim to serve.

In pursuing our work, we will adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. We will keep our Board of Directors and health system Board of Governors apprised of developments that bear upon our mission. Our Board of Governors includes an Ethics & Health Equity Committee comprised of individuals with appropriate expertise and experience from our member health systems who will advise Truveta in upholding this Ethics Policy.