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T is for Truveta…and Team at Planning Week 3!

Last week we hosted our third Planning Week as a company. It is a tradition here at Truveta where three to four times a year we pause, plan, collaborate, and celebrate progress and wins with each other. As a startup, our team is growing quickly. For many newer employees, this was their first Planning Week! … Continued

Interns driven by Truveta’s mission, culture stay on as full-time employees

When Anirudh “Ani” Pochiraju, 27, walks into the Truveta office, the “Cheers” theme song comes to mind as his team welcomes him to work. “It’s like everybody knows your name,” he said. “I kind of felt like I’d walk in (and) I just felt like everyone knew me. Everyone loved me.” The Irvine, California-native, who … Continued

Our Values and Culture

As a new company, our top priority is building an amazing team. Since we first posted our website in late October, our team has already doubled in size. We continue to meet incredible candidates every day. One of the first questions many candidates ask is to describe our company culture. As we grow quickly, we … Continued