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How we’re helping researchers navigate the imperfect world of real-world data

Most medical researchers will agree – when it comes to using real-world data, the quality of the data is just as important as the data itself. But there is debate around what exactly defines this quality. A record that may be valuable for one study may be incomplete for another.   Here’s how we see it: … Continued

How Truveta is delivering data quality at scale

Real world data is providing an exciting new source of information for breakthrough research. And Truveta is leading the way, with the most complete, timely, and highest quality data on U.S. health. But working with real world data has its challenges – especially considering the unparalleled depth and diversity of the data we receive each … Continued

Why we connect datasets to advance patient care

As a clinical researcher at Truveta and practicing academic hospitalist, data is an integral piece of the medical evidence I use to make clinical decisions every day. I joined Truveta because I believe the Truveta Platform brings together the volume and diversity of data with the speed of real-time insights in a way no one … Continued

Partnering to Improve Data Quality and Health Equity

Truveta and Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions partner to create the most complete, highest quality U.S. public health data platform 2022 is off to a rough start with this Omicron variant. I continue to be in awe of the healthcare community who continue to work tirelessly to care for the sick. I am grateful for the … Continued