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How we’re helping researchers navigate the imperfect world of real-world data

Most medical researchers will agree – when it comes to using real-world data, the quality of the data is just as important as the data itself. But there is debate around what exactly defines this quality. A record that may be valuable for one study may be incomplete for another.   Here’s how we see it: … Continued

How Truveta is delivering data quality at scale

Real world data is providing an exciting new source of information for breakthrough research. And Truveta is leading the way, with the most complete, timely, and highest quality data on U.S. health. But working with real world data has its challenges – especially considering the unparalleled depth and diversity of the data we receive each … Continued

Truveta featured on Changemakers Podcast from Microsoft

Each week the Changemakers podcast shares stories of transformation through conversations with leaders using technology to drive change. Focused on how these leaders are using technology to make the world a better place, hosts Omar Abbosh and will.i.am recently sat down with our CEO Terry Myerson to talk about building a company during the pandemic … Continued

Decisions made after I heard a snap

I heard a subtle snap. I tumbled. My entire leg was immobile and numb for 10 minutes. It was the first run of the day on Whistler Peak, a day off to ski with friends. Our group, made up of past & present Microsoft engineers, spent the morning rehashing some of our younger years starting … Continued

Truveta Insights: Do emergency department visits for asthma increase when the air quality index is high?

In recent years, the Northwest has experienced record-breaking air quality index (AQI) values from forest fires along the west coast of Canada and the United States. Dramatic headlines have highlighted the potentially hazardous connection between the fires, air quality, and our health. At the time some reports highlighted that breathing Seattle air was as bad … Continued

A Conversation with Rod Hochman, Providence Health System

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated since first published in July 2021. Truveta began as an idea within Providence and they have played a crucial leadership role in our formation. As one of our 20 health provider members, we are thrilled to continue to work with the Providence team each day as we are … Continued

Truveta Grows to More Than 15% of U.S. Patient Care with New Members, Closing Series A Funding with Nearly $100 Million

I will never forget when I first wrote the words Hello from Truveta. I was the first employee of a new startup imagined by several innovative healthcare leaders who believed that by working together we could achieve a compelling vision: Saving Lives with Data. What started with four health systems grew rapidly. In just a few months, … Continued