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Truvetan Spotlight: Anna Lasko

Welcome to Truvetan Spotlight, where each month we’ll highlight a member of the Truveta team. From clinical researchers to engineers to product development to compliance and security officers, what makes Truveta special are its people and their shared passion for saving lives with data. This month, we kick off the series spotlighting one of the … Continued

Why we connect datasets to advance patient care

As a clinical researcher at Truveta and practicing academic hospitalist, data is an integral piece of the medical evidence I use to make clinical decisions every day. I joined Truveta because I believe the Truveta Platform brings together the volume and diversity of data with the speed of real-time insights in a way no one … Continued

Health System Spotlight: Angela Yochem, EVP Chief Transformation & Digital Officer, Novant Health

Each month, we’ll spotlight one of the many great leaders of our 20 member health systems that make up Truveta, helping us to advance our vision of saving lives with data. We’ll share their perspectives on the future of medicine, the changing role of technology in healthcare, and the critical importance of real-time, de-identified data … Continued

Meet the Truveta MDs

A shared passion for technology and medicine Treating COVID-19 patients in an intensive care unit in a New York City hospital at the height of the pandemic. Researching HIV/AIDS and migraines as a PhD graduate student to better understand neuroinflammation. Starting an MCAT prep company while in medical school to improve the online education experience … Continued

Introducing the Truveta Platform and new COVID-19 insights

Today I am excited to introduce the Truveta Platform for health systems and life science companies, share new insights about COVID-19 from the Truveta Platform, and welcome three new large regional health systems – Ochsner Health, Saint Luke’s Health System and UnityPoint Health – as members. One of the greatest travesties of COVID-19 has been … Continued

The First Insights from the Truveta Platform: COVID-19

Today is a special day for us at Truveta. In just under two weeks, our team was able to ask and answer an important medical question using one of the largest comprehensive real-time datasets of fully vaccinated Americans. This inaugural custom study is an illustration of the potential before us. More than the science alone, … Continued