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Meet the Truveta MDs: Harshita Ravishankar, MD, MPA

We continue our Meet the MDs series with Harshita Ravishankar, who recently joined our Partner team as the Director of Partner Solutions and Success. Harshita brings a depth of experience across not only patient care, but research, finance, and business development to her new role. Located in New York City (where her 2-year-old keeps her … Continued

Meet the Truveta MDs: Michael Simonov, MD

This month we feature Michael Simonov, MD and the head of Clinical Informatics at Truveta. When we sat down with Michael, we learned three key things have focused his career to date – a desire to keep learning, the incredible power of data, and most importantly, a focus on people and community. Just keep learning … Continued

Meet the Truveta MDs: Ryan Ahern, MD MPH

This month we feature Ryan Ahern, MD MPH, who serves as Truveta’s Chief Medical Officer, and his journey to Truveta. It’s March 2020. Ryan had been living in New York City and held an adjunct faculty position at New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center where he practiced on a part time basis. Like … Continued

I felt like I wrote the job description for myself

I always hoped to be part of a team like this, using new technology to produce and share data-focused health research. When I came across the job listing at Truveta, I felt like I wrote it for myself. I found my dream role where my team can build research and insights from abundant data – I … Continued

Meet the Truveta MDs

A shared passion for technology and medicine Treating COVID-19 patients in an intensive care unit in a New York City hospital at the height of the pandemic. Researching HIV/AIDS and migraines as a PhD graduate student to better understand neuroinflammation. Starting an MCAT prep company while in medical school to improve the online education experience … Continued