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Truveta featured on Changemakers Podcast from Microsoft

Each week the Changemakers podcast shares stories of transformation through conversations with leaders using technology to drive change. Focused on how these leaders are using technology to make the world a better place, hosts Omar Abbosh and will.i.am recently sat down with our CEO Terry Myerson to talk about building a company during the pandemic … Continued

Partnering with Microsoft to Accelerate Our Vision of Saving Lives with Data

The COVID-19 global pandemic illustrates so clearly there is more information, yet less knowledge and insights than ever before. Healthcare providers and researchers need better data and faster answers to address the most challenging issues in patient care – not just for this pandemic, but for all health conditions which we each face. We feel … Continued

A Conversation with Dave Heiner, Truveta Chief Policy Officer and General Counsel

What will you focus on at Truveta? I will help the company establish policies for how it will handle data to advance human health. How we preserve patient anonymity while enabling researchers to draw insights; how to do research in a way that reflects the ethical imperatives of our health systems; how we make healthcare … Continued