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How we’re helping researchers navigate the imperfect world of real-world data

Most medical researchers will agree – when it comes to using real-world data, the quality of the data is just as important as the data itself. But there is debate around what exactly defines this quality. A record that may be valuable for one study may be incomplete for another.   Here’s how we see it: … Continued

How Truveta is delivering data quality at scale

Real world data is providing an exciting new source of information for breakthrough research. And Truveta is leading the way, with the most complete, timely, and highest quality data on U.S. health. But working with real world data has its challenges – especially considering the unparalleled depth and diversity of the data we receive each … Continued

Meet the Truveta MDs: Michael Simonov, MD

This month we feature Michael Simonov, MD and the head of Clinical Informatics at Truveta. When we sat down with Michael, we learned three key things have focused his career to date – a desire to keep learning, the incredible power of data, and most importantly, a focus on people and community. Just keep learning … Continued

Meet the Truveta Research team

Meet the Truveta Research team: a practicing infectious disease doctor with a PhD in pharmacology, a biostatistician and mathematical epidemiologist with a PhD in epidemiology, a data scientist with a PhD in evolutionary biology, an interactive data visualization expert with a PhD in computer science, and a data scientist with a master’s degree in mechanical … Continued