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Truvetan Spotlight: The making of Pradeep 2.0

If you were to bump into Pradeep Surukanti in the halls of Truveta, you’d be met with kind eyes, a smile, clean-shaven face, and an eagerness to share the recent accomplishments of his team. In a matter of a year, they accomplished a huge feat for any company, let alone a brand-new startup – they … Continued

Truveta advances security and trust earning multiple ISO certifications, SOC 2 attestation

When Truveta launched in late 2020, one of the first hires was its CISO Oscar Papel. “With our vision of saving lives with data comes great responsibility,” said Oscar Papel, chief information security officer and vice president of engineering. “Healthcare data is arguably the most sensitive data there is, so we have the obligation and … Continued