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Introducing Truveta HQ!

This is an exciting week for Truvetans in the Seattle area. We are moving into our new headquarters – lovingly and appropriately called Truveta HQ.  Over the past week, our move team helped set up our new office. We had a beautiful mural designed by our talented Truvetan Marisa Ling and painted by Leo Shallat, … Continued

Truveta Grows to More Than 15% of U.S. Patient Care with New Members, Closing Series A Funding with Nearly $100 Million

I will never forget when I first wrote the words Hello from Truveta. I was the first employee of a new startup imagined by several innovative healthcare leaders who believed that by working together we could achieve a compelling vision: Saving Lives with Data. What started with four health systems grew rapidly. In just a few months, … Continued

Creating Truveta to Save Lives with Data

It was March 2020. I was quarantined in my home with my family, genuinely a little scared for the world at large. What is going on with this new virus? How do I protect those I love? Why are so many dying? Why don’t we have more data to help us now? That same month … Continued

Our Values and Culture

As a new company, our top priority is building an amazing team. Since we first posted our website in late October, our team has already doubled in size. We continue to meet incredible candidates every day. One of the first questions many candidates ask is to describe our company culture. As we grow quickly, we … Continued