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Truvetan Spotlight: Donya Smith, People Operations Manager

Donya Smith started at Truveta in April as our People Operations Manager. Her role mainly involves office management and leading the onboarding process to welcome new hires to the team.    Tell us a little about your background?   I’m originally from Albany, NY but I moved to Los Angeles, CA as a teenager. After graduating … Continued

“Never Feel Inferior” – A Story of Acceptance

Truveta strives to improve the lives of all people around the world, and so we like to highlight relatively unknown or misunderstood conditions. Vitiligo is an auto-immune disease that causes a loss of pigmentation and discoloration in the skin. June 25th is Vitiligo Awareness Day. Since 2011, associated research foundations campaign to have Vitiligo Awareness … Continued

Welcome 2022 Truveta Interns!

Delivering on our vision of Saving Lives with Data would not be possible without the amazing talent of our team. Approaching 200 employees, I am proud of the diverse backgrounds of our employees that includes engineers, physician scientists, clinical informaticists, designers, marketers, researchers and biostatisticians.  Our team is inspired to make exceptional impact every single … Continued

Truvetan Spotlight: Rachel Jiang, VP Product Management

Continuing our Truvetan Spotlight series, today we highlight Rachel Jiang.  Rachel recently transitioned from leading the marketing team to VP of Product Management. Rachel grew up in Toronto, Canada and studied Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. During this 5-year program, she rotated between semesters of study and semester-long internships. This real-world experience taught … Continued

Supporting Truvetans and Mental Health

As Mental Health Awareness Month wraps up, we join many other organizations in raising awareness of those living with mental or behavioral health issues and helping reduce the stigma so many experience. We applaud the courage of those who have shared their experience, including our own Mary Beth King, who shared her journey recently on … Continued

T is for Truveta…and Team at Planning Week 3!

Last week we hosted our third Planning Week as a company. It is a tradition here at Truveta where three to four times a year we pause, plan, collaborate, and celebrate progress and wins with each other. As a startup, our team is growing quickly. For many newer employees, this was their first Planning Week! … Continued

Truveta Spotlight: Tilak Paija Pun

When you meet Tilak Paija Pun, one of the first things you will notice is his broad grin and infectious laugh. He exudes positivity, even when reminiscing about some of the most challenging times in his life. We sat down with Tilak to learn more about his journey from a small village in Nepal to … Continued

Truvetan Spotlight: The making of Pradeep 2.0

If you were to bump into Pradeep Surukanti in the halls of Truveta, you’d be met with kind eyes, a smile, clean-shaven face, and an eagerness to share the recent accomplishments of his team. In a matter of a year, they accomplished a huge feat for any company, let alone a brand-new startup – they … Continued

I felt like I wrote the job description for myself

I always hoped to be part of a team like this, using new technology to produce and share data-focused health research. When I came across the job listing at Truveta, I felt like I wrote it for myself. I found my dream role where my team can build research and insights from abundant data – I … Continued

In February, We Celebrate Tru-Valentine’s

When I think about what has made my time at Truveta so meaningful – it is the people. Especially considering how difficult it can be to build strong relationships in a fully remote work environment. In my role in Communications, I’ve had a front seat watching Truveta grow and sharing our company story. Tru-Valentine’s Day … Continued