Download our whitepaper, Our Approach to Data Analytics, for an in-depth look at how Truveta sets new standards for analyzing health data.

Earlier this week, we announced the availability of Truveta Studio — the first health data and analytics solution that brings together unprecedented health data and analytics and enables researchers to study patient care and outcomes with any condition, drug, or medical device.  

In our latest whitepaper, Our Approach to Data Analytics, we go even deeper and discuss many of the technical components that make Truveta Studio unique.   

At the heart of the solution is Truveta Prose: the first language that expresses computable clinical concepts, combining events from a patient’s longitudinal history. Prose also compiles records across massive datasets.  

Before developing Prose, we considered several existing languages as a starting point for the solution. In the paper, we explain where these languages fell short when analyzing the full scope and depth of Truveta Data — and how Prose addresses these challenges with industry-leading efficiency.  

The paper also provides insights into the many tools and resources built into Truveta Studio to quickly harness the full power of Prose. In one example, we show how to develop a complex population, search across over an exabyte of Truveta Data, and compile a population dataset — all in seconds, and all with just one, simple query.  

We show how the solution can be leveraged to create real-time dashboards for time-sensitive applications such as pharmacovigilance and epidemiological monitoring. The paper also describes data mining techniques that researchers already use inside Truveta Studio. This includes comparing treatment effectiveness with propensity score matching and investigating disease risk with linear regression. 

Finally, the paper wraps up with a sneak peek into the many innovations we’re already planning for future releases of Truveta Studio — and how those pave the way for truly breakthrough analytics and research.  

Want to learn more? The data analytics whitepaper is now free to download. Get Our Approach to Data Analytics today. 

Cover of the data analytics whitepaper