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Delivering fast, convenient analytics for the entire team

Powerful insights to improve patient outcomes, accelerate R&D, and inform public policy

Research insights have been slowed due to inaccessible data, hard to use tools, and opaque methods impeding trust – until now

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Trusted by leading healthcare and life science organizations

Data at your fingertips

Build precise and representative populations in minutes

Express clinically meaningful populations fast with Truveta Prose, the first language to express computable medical concepts

Find a representative population to study within Truveta Data within seconds

Transparent population datasheets with details on the representativeness, completeness, timeliness, and validity of data

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Fast and powerful analytics for everyone

Hassle-free integrated research tools from dashboards to powerful statistics

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Learn from daily updating dashboards and visualizations for safety monitoring or ongoing analyses

Perform deep analysis with an integrated Jupyter notebook, atop a serverless SQL experience, pre-installed with the latest medical statistics and visualization libraries, with full support for R and Python

Export data into your own secure environments, including SAS, Excel, and others

As medical researchers, our goal to better understand and improve public health can’t be achieved alone. By collaborating with others and sharing up-to-date, detailed, large-scale data, we can answer questions that would otherwise take years to study. This collaboration with Truveta was an excellent example of that.

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Anupam B. Jena, MD, PhD

Harvard University physician and economist, host of the Freakonomics, MD podcast, and author (with Christopher Worsham) of Random Acts of Medicine

Collaboration and earn trust

Shared knowledge across teams advances learning with transparency of data

Accelerate your research with the Truveta Library, with thousands of clinical data definitions, templates, and studies to build upon

Easily share your study with others inside, or outside, your organization

Earn trust in your research with full transparency of methods and data for reproducibility

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