Data quality

Truveta Data comprises billions of EHR data points, representing more than 100 million patient journeys from more than 20,000 clinics and 800 hospitals, updated daily. Truveta Data is held to the highest standards of data quality and provenance, with a rigorous quality control process, outlined in this whitepaper.

Truveta Language Model

Advancements in AI have presented a unique opportunity to transform and clean massive streams of healthcare data to make it available for research, innovation, and patient care. This whitepaper explains the Truveta Language Model, a large-language model used to clean billions of EHR data points for health research.

Data analytics

The pace of medical advancement has been limited by inaccessible data, hard-to-use tools, and opaque research methods, impeding trust. Truveta Studio addresses these challenges by enabling scientifically rigorous research with immediate access to data, powerful analytics and AI, and real-time collaboration. This whitepaper provides an overview of Truveta Studio and how it can accelerate research.

Data security

Our security systems protect data through every stage of the data process and have been validated to meet the most rigorous standards for security and privacy. This paper focuses on how we store and secure Truveta Data.

Patient privacy

Founded by health systems, Truveta has a deep commitment to patient privacy. This whitepaper shares details of Truveta’s advanced de-identification process and how identifiers in Truveta Data are managed and protected according to HIPAA standards.

Powering device research

Medical device companies are challenged by a significant lack of real-world data on device use in clinical practice. In this whitepaper, learn how Truveta provides critical device specific information linked to deep clinical data to accelerate device research for over 150,000 unique medical devices.

Advancing cardiovascular research

Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death in the US, but researchers face many challenges when seeking to study the safety and effectiveness of drugs and devices used to treat it. This whitepaper highlights historical limitations of RWD and explains how Truveta addresses them to accelerate research on outcomes and care.

Truveta Mapper: A zero-shot ontology alignment framework

We share the technical details behind Truveta Mapper the underlying AI technology in the Truveta Language Model. Truveta Mapper leverages a multi-task sequence-to-sequence transformer model to perform alignment across multiple ontologies in a zero-shot, unified, and end-to-end manner. This paper was originally published at arXiv.

Ethics policy

We believe it is a moral imperative to harness the power of data to improve healthcare. We know we’ve taken on an enormous responsibility, and we pursue our work with a commitment to patient privacy, broadly enabling research and transparency about our data, all in close coordination with our member health systems.

Briefings & case studies

Comparing the safety of novel PE devices

Despite promising clinical data for novel pulmonary embolism therapies, there are no randomized prospective studies comparing them and guidelines have not been updated to reflect real-world safety data. This case study showcases findings from a peer-reviewed study using Truveta Data to compare the safety of devices from Boston Scientific and Inari Medical.

Case study

Why TLM outperforms other LLMs

Unlocking the full potential of healthcare data has long been hindered by issues of fragmentation and lack of structure. The Truveta Language Model (TLM) offers a premier solution for normalizing EHR data at scale, enabling novel research. This briefing highlights what sets TLM apart from general large language models.


Incorporating SDOH into RWD analyses

Clinical care affects only 10-20% of modifiable health factors, while 80-90% are influenced by behaviors, socioeconomic factors, and the environment. This briefing highlights how integrating social drivers of health (SDOH) data into real-world data analyses offers precise insights on unmet needs, healthcare disparities, and therapy performance.


Normalizing and extracting echocardiogram data

Echocardiograms contain crucial clinical observations relevant for cardiovascular research, but obtaining these measures at scale for real-world data analysis has been a longstanding challenge. This briefing highlights how Truveta is normalizing and extracting echo observations at scale for research, and outlines data availability for specific measures.

Insights from real-time EHR data

Insights from real-time EHR data

Timely data are critical for life sciences and healthcare organizations, enabling innovation and high-quality patient care. However, most RWD sources have lags of weeks to months. This briefing focuses on Truveta’s real-time data and showcases the clinical questions it enables researchers to answer.

Tracking GLP-1 prescribing trends

Tracking GLP-1 prescribing trends

GLP-1s, originally created to treat diabetes, have been found to suppress appetites and induce substantial weight loss in many patients. Extensive media coverage and celebrity endorsements have created overwhelming demand for these drugs, but little is known about real-world use. This briefing highlights findings from an analysis of first-time GLP-1 prescribing trends.


Peripheral artery disease treatment and outcomes

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) is a common disease that causes the narrowing of the arteries in the extremities. As part of PAD Awareness month, Truveta Research investigated disparities in the frequency of common procedures used to treat PAD, known as endovascular (or minimally invasive) revascularization, and the associated outcomes.


Events on-demand

Enabling timely comparative effectiveness research: head-to-head analysis of GLP-1s for weight loss

See the results of a real-world GLP-1 comparative effectiveness study and the impact of timely and representative RWD in assessing performance of new therapies.


Driving therapeutic innovation and de-risking clinical development: The power of RWD from EHRs

Speakers from Truveta, Reprieve Cardiovascular, The Permanente Medical Group, and Stanford Cardiovascular Medicine discuss how Truveta Data is being used to drive product innovation for acute heart failure.


Transforming clinical research: Scaling real-world data across diseases with expert-led AI

Hear from experts at UCB and Truveta as they demonstrate the power of Truveta’s AI-driven extraction of critical information from free text clinical notes to further research at UCB.


Advancing clinical research through unprecedented data and learning community for health

Partnering with Fierce Pharma, hear from an expert panel on the power of unprecedented data and what early patient insights have been unveiled.


Terry Myerson at ViVE 2022

Watch Truveta CEO Terry Myerson share Truveta’s origin story, explain why Truveta is so different from its competitors in the healthcare data space, and call for more health systems in the United States to join Truveta in its vision of saving lives with data.



Terry Myerson Truveta CEO introduces the Truveta Platform

Introducing Truveta Studio: Delivering the Health Data and Analytics the World Deserves Now

Terry Myerson Truveta CEO introduces the Truveta Platform

Truveta Announces Collaboration with Boston Scientific

Terry Myerson Truveta CEO introduces the Truveta Platform

Empowering Researchers with Truveta Studio

An image of all of the Truveta health system members' logos

Health System leaders form Truveta to save lives with data

Terry Myerson Truveta CEO introduces the Truveta Platform

Helping Address Health Inequities with Data

Terry Myerson Truveta CEO introduces the Truveta Platform

The Importance of Data Quality for Medical Research

An image of all of the Truveta health system members' logos

Truveta and LexisNexis Risk Solutions Partner to Improve Data Quality and Health Equity

Terry Myerson Truveta CEO introduces the Truveta Platform

Introducing the Truveta Platform and New COVID-19 Insights

Terry Myerson Truveta CEO introduces the Truveta Platform

Microsoft and Truveta Announce Strategic Partnership to Achieve Our Vision of Saving Lives with Data

Featured research

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Time-series analysis of first-time pediatric speech delays from 2018 to 2022

JAMA Pediatrics


Percentage change in body weight for those taking tirzepatide (Mounjaro) versus semaglutide (Ozempic) for those with overweight or obesity

Comparative effectiveness of semaglutide and tirzepatide for weight loss in adults with overweight and obesity in the US: A real-world evidence study