Last week we hosted our third Planning Week as a company. It is a tradition here at Truveta where three to four times a year we pause, plan, collaborate, and celebrate progress and wins with each other.

As a startup, our team is growing quickly. For many newer employees, this was their first Planning Week! And while I’ve been here for all three, it still felt like my first in many ways because the last two were largely virtual.

I took a ton of photos to commemorate the week, as did our resident photographer and engineering leader Srini Burugapalli. Here’s my recap and some of the many “other firsts” from my point of view.

Our People team greeted us all and with safety first, conducted temperature checks.

For many it was the first time meeting each other in person.

We talked about diversity and inclusion as part of our first all-team training.

We shared stories, got in some good laughs, and enjoyed a few meals together, including birthday cake.

Then we danced it off, led by our People team, during presentation breaks to keep things active.

We took to the parking lot to stack cups, practice spelling, roll marbles, and torpedo chickens (another first) in team building exercises.

I even learned to fly a drone. Thanks, Cez!

A few took time to share on camera the values about Truveta that mean the most to us. Stay tuned for more from them soon.

We then ended the week with ping pong and billiards tournaments.

And we had our first full sweep, as Karim Dabbagh took home bragging rights and titles in all the week’s competitive events.  I’m not at all bitter– or competitive. 😉

I feel so fortunate to have participated in all three Truveta Planning Weeks so far. I can honestly say this one takes the cake. It was a joy to see so many Truvetans in person, while still being able to engage with everyone else online who was not able to make the trip or stayed home due to illness or other circumstances.

We’re building a special team at Truveta. We take time to learn together, build together, listen to one another, and have fun together. If you share our values and think this might be the place for you, come join us.