Our Truvetans really know how to relax, whether they were dashing through the snow with their dogs or resting at a spa in sunny Maui. Check out a few of our favorite photos of the month and we’ll see you in January.

A hand holding a Truveta mug of cocoa in front of a decorated Christmas tree.

The best-looking tree we saw all season.


Erin with her two dogs.

Matching bows made for a perfect snow day.


A Bolo Rainha

An absolutely gorgeous Bolo Rainha, a Portuguese Queen cake.


Michael putting together furniture in front of the Christmas tree.

Putting together furniture shouldn’t require an advanced degree, but it helps.


A small child on skis.

Learning to ski with the kids.


Deb with her two daughters in Maui.

A well-deserved spa day with family.


Next year, I think we all plan to hop on the train from Amsterdam to Paris and take a picture in Bruges, Brussels.

A couple in front of a brightly lit Christmas tree in Bruges

In Bruges.


Plus, since it’s never too early to try something new, this little guy tackled an exciting adventure.

A small child looking up at a brightly colored bouncy house.

Baby’s first bouncy house.


A snowy street in Western Washington

A snowy street in Western Washington.


We hope you are all staying warm and enjoying the end of 2022.

Happy Holidays from Truveta!