We are excited to announce the expansion of the Truveta community to include new life science partners, including Reprieve Cardiovascular and SK Life Science, joining previously announced pioneers PfizerBoston Scientific Corporation, and Alpine Immune Sciences. We also welcome new health system members, including Inova Health System and Sanford Health.

Truveta is a growing health system collective that together provide more than 17% of all daily clinical care in the US. Truveta is now trusted by more than 40 leading healthcare and life science customers to improve patient care, accelerate R&D, and inform public policy.

With today’s announcement, we also share that we are working with leading researchers on timely data for their studies, including Anupam B. Jena, MD, PhD, of Harvard University and the Freakonomics MD podcast, who recently published using Truveta Data in JAMA Network Open, and researchers with the National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health.

We have also recently provided Truveta Data to The Wall Street Journal and Reuters on timely public health news about neonatal abstinence syndrome and Alzheimer’s genetic testing, respectively.

With research insights taking up to 17 years to reach a patient’s bedside, researchers and clinicians have historically been challenged to learn how to improve patient care with data. Costs are out of control for providers and patients. Knowledge fragmentation has led to inequities across populations. Born out of the pandemic and the need to learn more rapidly than ever before, healthcare and life sciences have come together in the Truveta community to speed time to insight to advance medicine and address health equity.

“Truveta was founded by innovative health systems with the shared mission of saving lives with data. This growing community connects healthcare with leading-edge life science organizations to advance this mission through Truveta’s unique connection of data, people, and ideas. Together, we can improve patient care, accelerate R&D, and inform public policy.”

Terry Myerson, CEO, Truveta

Truveta Data are the most complete, timely and clean data on US health, with complete EHR data to study patient care with representative and precise populations. Truveta Data are linked across health systems and augmented with integrated social drivers of health (SDOH), mortality, and claims data for a complete view of patient journeys. Truveta Data are de-identified and made available for research daily.

Life sciences partner with healthcare to improve patient care and accelerate R&D

The Truveta community brings together leading healthcare organizations with life sciences with the mission of saving lives with data. Today, leading life science organizations have joined Truveta to progress research in critical areas to advance that mission. From advancing cardiovascular research to helping find new immunotherapies or new treatments for diabetes, these innovative life sciences companies are committed to using Truveta Data to study patient care with representative and precise populations and Truveta Studio to discover fast insights to improve patient outcomes and accelerate R&D.

“We are thrilled to partner with Truveta to use their unprecedented access to EHR data for real-world data research and advance our understanding of epilepsy and seizure disorders. Through Truveta, we can uncover insights into patient care and outcomes that we’ve never seen before at this scale and breadth of data, including seizure frequency in clinical notes. Together, we believe we can drive meaningful improvements in the lives of patients living with epilepsy.”

Sean Stern, MS

Director, Health Economics Outcomes Research (HEOR), SK Life Science, Inc.

“As an innovative medtech startup in heart failure committed to advancing patient care, we recognize the immense potential of Truveta Data to inform the development of new treatments as well as clinical strategies for acutely decompensated heart failure patients. By leveraging Truveta Data, we can gain insights into the current patient experience and uncover new opportunities to improve outcomes for those affected by this debilitating condition.”

Mark Pacyna

CEO, Reprieve Cardiovascular

Truveta health systems increase representativeness and diversity of patient care for research

Inova and Sanford Health represent hundreds of sites of care and tens of thousands of caregivers across Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Virginia, further expanding the diversity and representativeness of Truveta Data. United with the shared mission of saving lives with data, Inova Health and Sanford Health have joined Truveta alongside other leading health systems and life sciences companies to advance patient care and address health equity.

“Inova is pleased to partner with Truveta to bring together nationwide data from diverse sources to advance innovation and improve healthcare outcomes. By combining our collective knowledge and expertise, we can make significant strides in understanding and addressing complex health challenges.”

J. Stephen Jones, MD

President and CEO, Inova Health System

“As a premier rural health system in the United States, two-thirds of our patients live in rural communities across America’s Heartland. By partnering with Truveta and other leading health systems, our clinicians will have the ability to enhance care and pave the way for medical advancements for our diverse patient population. This collaboration will allow us to glean insights into important data and social determinants of health to equip our care teams with the tools they need to enhance care delivery and improve health outcomes for generations to come, while still protecting the identity and privacy of the patients and residents we have the privilege of serving at Sanford Health.”

Bill Gassen

CEO, Sanford Health