LinkedIn’s 7th annual Top Startups list – a ranking based on LinkedIn data of the top 50 emerging US companies – has some fresh new faces on it, including Truveta. The list is based on four key criteria: 

  • Employee growth 
  • Jobseeker interest 
  • Member engagement within the company and its employees 
  • Incoming talent drawn from LinkedIn’s Top Companies list 

For each company on the list, LinkedIn included the number of full-time employees, the location of their headquarters, the year they were founded, and common skills, job titles, and job functions among employees.  

Companies are considered startups for their first five years, and this year, nearly 70% of the companies on the list were founded in 2018 or 2019. Founded in 2020, Truveta placed 24th on the list, and is described as follows: 

“Truveta compiles and analyzes electronic health records from a collective of more than 30 health care systems… The health-tech firm trains AI to aggregate de-identified medical data to help researchers better understand a variety of medical conditions, drugs, patient populations and more.” 


View the full list here, and be sure to follow Truveta on LinkedIn.