Truveta held a LinkedIn Live on November 16th to catch everyone up on our latest product announcement, Truveta Studio, and share insights from a few members of Truveta Research.

If you missed it, watch it now, and check out some of the highlights below:

VP of Communications Lish Mark spoke with CEO Terry Myerson, COO Lisa Gurry, and CTO Jay Nanduri about Truveta Studio, the first health data & analytics solution to study patient care & outcomes.

Terry Myerson, Lish Mark, Lisa Gurry, and Jay Nanduri discussing Truveta Studio

CEO Terry Myerson, VP of Communications Lish Mark, COO Lisa Gurry, and CTO Jay Nanduri discussing Truveta Studio.

“There was no solution in the market available…it felt like we needed to build this for the world.” – CEO Terry Myerson

“It’s quite magical to see so much work come together so quickly…we’re representing the full diversity of the United States, the data is incredibly deep. It helps us showcase the full picture of a patient’s health, and we normalize it to make it available for research.” – COO Lisa Gurry

“I’m more than glad to talk about all the innovation that the 100+ world class engineers have produced here at Truveta.” – CTO Jay Nanduri

Then, three members of Truveta Research — Dr. Charlotte Baker, DrPh, MPH, CPH; Brianna Cartwright, MS; and Dr. Nick Stucky, MD, PhD — spoke about how Truveta Studio increases the potential impact of their work, and shared a few recent insights:

Three members of Truveta Research discussing insights with Lish Mark

Dr. Charlotte Baker, Brianna Cartwright, Dr. Nick Stucky, and Lish Mark discussing Truveta Research.

“When we’re starting a research study, really getting into this vast amount of data, we’re really accelerating the research we can do. We see our role as showing the world what can be done with this awesome tool. First and foremost, it’s about doing research that can’t be done anywhere else.” – Dr. Nick Stucky

“We looked into correlations between first-time asthma admission rates and a high air quality index…It shows the connection between our health and environmental factors and how it’s so important. As we move forward, I love bringing in outside sources, like environmental data as a supplement.” – Brianna Cartwright

“So many things about our health are community-based, your family, where you go to school. Being able to bring all those things into Truveta, I’m loving the idea of diving into that.” – Dr. Charlotte Baker

For more on Truveta’s team and our work, catch up on the LinkedIn Live, follow us on LinkedIn, or sign up for a demo below.