Truveta Community Standard

Last Updated: July 2024

As a user of Truveta Studio, you agree to the following rules.

  1. Eligibility. I understand that I must be at least 18 years old to use Truveta Studio, and that I may only have one account, which must be in my real name.

  3. Professionalism and ethics. I agree that I will use Truveta Studio and the data it provides only to conduct or review healthcare research. I will use Truveta Studio in a professional manner, and, if I am accessing Truveta through an organization that is sponsoring Truveta studies (a “Sponsor”), I will always adhere to the ethical principles of my Sponsor. I will act collaboratively and constructively if I engage with others on Truveta Studio.

  5. Patient privacy. I understand that maintaining the privacy of data about people is paramount. I will not upload any personally identifiable information to Truveta Studio (unless my organization has entered into an agreement with Truveta permitting this). I will never attempt to re-identify any de-identified patient records or enable anyone else to do so. I will not attempt to contact any person who I believe or have reason to believe may be a subject of a de-identified patient record provided by Truveta Studio. If I become aware that anyone has re-identified or attempted to re-identify any de-identified patient data or taken any other action with de-identified patient records that potentially undermines patient privacy, I will report this immediately to the general counsel of my Sponsor or to Truveta at the address below. I understand that the data provided by Truveta Studio may not be used to target advertising to patients, physicians, or anyone else.

  7. Truveta user privacy. I understand that Truveta will collect and handle information regarding my use of Truveta Studio in accordance with the accompanying Truveta Studio Privacy Notice. I understand that if I make contributions to Truveta Studio, my name and professional affiliation will be associated with my contributions and accessible to others.

  9. Security. I understand that I am responsible for using Truveta Studio and the data it provides in a secure manner. I will keep my password confidential and never share it with anyone else. If I extract any de-identified patient data from Truveta Studio, I will adhere scrupulously to the policies and procedures of my Sponsor to maintain the information in a secure fashion.

  11. Library participation. Users who conduct studies in Truveta Studio through a Sponsor may contribute studies or associated study materials (such as the definition of a medical condition or the specification of a population to study) to Truveta Library. I understand that if I make such contributions to Truveta Library, any such contribution may be used freely by other users within their Truveta studies. While I will bring my judgment and experience to bear in making Truveta Studio contributions, I understand that all contributions are provided “as is” and I will bring my own professional judgment to bear in employing Truveta Studio contributions from others in my research.

  13. Sharing other content. I understand that Truveta Studio enables users to share other content, such as comments on the work of others, and I agree irrevocably that Truveta may use, copy and display any such content freely in connection with Truveta’s services. I understand that I (or my Sponsor) retains ownership of any content I share on Truveta Studio. I will not share any content that is hateful or incites violence; is obscene; is knowingly false or misleading; is defamatory; or that I do not have the right to share with Truveta. Truveta reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to delete as it deems necessary or appropriate, including any content that violates this Community Standard. I understand that other users may share content that is inaccurate, misleading, offensive or otherwise harmful, and I agree that I will not attempt to hold Truveta responsible for any such misuse of Truveta’s services. In some circumstances Truveta may be required by law to remove certain content. We provide a policy and process for complaints concerning content posted by our users.

  15. Feedback. I understand that I may provide feedback to Truveta regarding its services and that Truveta may use such feedback without restriction or obligation.

  17. Generative AI. I understand that Truveta Studio may include generative artificial intelligence capabilities, and that the output of any such generative AI may not always be accurate. I agree that I will bring my judgment and experience to bear in reviewing the output of generative AI, and I will not rely upon any AI-generated content for any consequential decisions.

  19. Clinical studies. I understand that if I access Truveta Studio through a Sponsor, I may use Truveta Studio to identify sites of care or treating clinicians for patients meeting enrollment criteria for clinical studies (including clinical trials). I will not otherwise study any healthcare system or its employees or clinicians, without the express prior written approval of the healthcare system.

  21. Guest researchers. I understand that if I access Truveta Studio through a Sponsor, I may use Truveta Studio only to conduct studies on the medical conditions that the Sponsor that invited me to join is studying. I understand that information regarding my use of Truveta Studio will be accessible to my Sponsor.

  23. Proper Use. I will not (a) duplicate, modify, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or create derivative works of Truveta Studio; (b) work around, circumvent, disable or otherwise tamper with any technical or security limitation in relation to any Truveta Data or Truveta Studio; (c) use any Truveta Data or Truveta Studio in violation of or to circumvent any laws, or in violation of this Community Standard; (d) upload or introduce to, or use Truveta Studio to distribute, any viruses or other malicious code; (e) interfere with the proper operation of Truveta Studio, or prevent access to or use of any Truveta Data or Truveta Studio by other users; (f) access Truveta Services using automated means, including but not limited to using any software, devices, scripts, robots or other means to scrape the service or otherwise copy profiles and other data from the services; or (g) access or use any Truveta Data or Truveta Studio to develop or sell a product or service, including, but not limited to, a data model or AI/machine learning model, that competes with Truveta Data or Truveta Studio or any artifacts included in Truveta Studio.

  25. Other terms. If I am accessing Truveta Studio other than through a Sponsor, then I agree to the following additional terms. (These are subjects that are covered in the contract between a Sponsor and Truveta for sponsored users.) I will not use any intellectual property of Truveta without Truveta’s prior written consent. I understand that (a) Truveta makes no representation or warranty about its services and disclaims any implied or statutory warranty and (b) Truveta will not be liable to me for lost profits, lost business opportunities, any harm to reputation or any indirect, incidental, consequential, special or punitive damages resulting from my use or inability to use Truveta services, and Truveta will not be liable to me for any direct damages greater than U.S. $10. I agree to indemnify and hold Truveta harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of my improper use of Truveta services, my violation of this Community Standard, or my violation of any rights of another.

  27. Notices and how to contact us. I understand that Truveta will provide notices and messages to me either through Truveta Studio or via the contact information I provided, such as my email address. I agree to keep my contact information up to date. I understand that I can review settings in Truveta Studio to control and limit messages that I receive from Truveta. I understand that I may contact Truveta at or at Truveta Inc., 1745 114th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98004.

I agree to adhere to this Community Standard. I understand that Truveta or, if applicable, my Sponsor may suspend or terminate my account if I do not adhere to this standard.