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The Truveta Platform enables researchers to find cures faster, offering unprecedented access to real-world data on how any drug or device is currently being used every day across the US. Contact us to learn more.

Real-time comprehensive clinical data

Truveta structures and normalizes all EHR data from its health system members (e.g., labs, vitals, diagnosis codes, procedure codes, physician notes, imaging, and pathology reports, images, and genomics), enabling the most complete understanding of patient care. De-identified data is updated in real time, so researchers can be confident they are generating relevant insights based on the latest data.

Truveta Platform for Life Sciences

Truveta Platform for Life Sciences

Data scale for generalizable results with statistical power

The Truveta Platform offers unprecedented real-time de-identified clinical data from tens of thousands of sites of care across 42 states, representing the full diversity of the country across age, geography, race, ethnicity, and gender.

Data transformed for faster insights

Data is structured into a FHIR model, leveraging SNOMED CT, RxNorm, and LOINC ontologies. Landmark clinical studies are continuously simulated against the structured data to ensure quality.

Researchers have multiple options to analyze the data, including on the Truveta Platform, by accessing Jupyter notebooks, and by exporting data into their preferred analysis tools.

Truveta Platform for Life Sciences

Customers with early access to the Truveta Platform can:

  • Monitor safety and comparative effectiveness
    Fully customizable dashboards with daily refreshed data tracking usage, outcomes, and adverse events across the US – of any drug, device, or disease – to inform public health and regulatory reporting.
  • Inform label expansion efforts to reach new patients
    Safety and effectiveness data is available on both on-label and off-label use of therapies – to inform market research and label expansion efforts.
  • Explore patient journeys to prioritize R&D
    With API and Jupyter notebook access to the de-identified row-level data and the ability to query on complex time dimensions, new clinical questions can be asked and answered.
  • Select clinical trial sites for equitable trials
    Truveta sites of care represent the full diversity of the country. Truveta can help select clinical trial sites for more equitable representation.

Want to learn more about how any drug or device is being used every day?

Want to learn more about how any drug or device is being used every day?