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“Never Feel Inferior” – A Story of Acceptance

Truveta strives to improve the lives of all people around the world, and so we like to highlight relatively unknown or misunderstood conditions. Vitiligo is an auto-immune disease that causes a loss of pigmentation and discoloration in the skin. June 25th is Vitiligo Awareness Day. Since 2011, associated research foundations campaign to have Vitiligo Awareness … Continued

Take the Truveta Office Tour

Welcome to our office! We’d love to show you around. Truveta is the world’s first health system-led data platform, inspired by our vision of saving lives with data. Our values – to focus on our purpose, earn trust, contribute for impact, be curious, and embrace freedom with responsibility – reflect this vision every day. Many … Continued

Supporting Truvetans and Mental Health

As Mental Health Awareness Month wraps up, we join many other organizations in raising awareness of those living with mental or behavioral health issues and helping reduce the stigma so many experience. We applaud the courage of those who have shared their experience, including our own Mary Beth King, who shared her journey recently on … Continued

T is for Truveta…and Team at Planning Week 3!

Last week we hosted our third Planning Week as a company. It is a tradition here at Truveta where three to four times a year we pause, plan, collaborate, and celebrate progress and wins with each other. As a startup, our team is growing quickly. For many newer employees, this was their first Planning Week! … Continued

Truveta HQ Mural Inspired by Diversity and Learning

These previously blank walls were a chance to tell a story of who we are and what we love. I believe in the power of design to create culture that shapes the future. That’s why when I was invited to design a mural for Truveta’s new headquarters, I couldn’t have been more excited. This was … Continued

Introducing Truveta HQ!

This is an exciting week for Truvetans in the Seattle area. We are moving into our new headquarters – lovingly and appropriately called Truveta HQ.  Over the past week, our move team helped set up our new office. We had a beautiful mural designed by our talented Truvetan Marisa Ling and painted by Leo Shallat, … Continued

Our Evolving Truveta Culture

When Truveta was only a few days old, the early Truvetans joined together for a half-day offsite to discuss the company that we wanted to build together, and then played some competitive socially distanced frisbee golf in the middle of a global pandemic. We discussed strategy, and the culture of the team we wanted to … Continued

Our Values and Culture

As a new company, our top priority is building an amazing team. Since we first posted our website in late October, our team has already doubled in size. We continue to meet incredible candidates every day. One of the first questions many candidates ask is to describe our company culture. As we grow quickly, we … Continued