Amongst vaccinated Americans, Moderna recipients experience most adverse events and Johnson & Johnson recipients have most hospitalizations

REDMOND, Wash. – November 9, 2021 – Truveta, the first health system led company with a vision of saving lives with data, today introduced the Truveta Platform, offering unprecedented real-time de-identified clinical data from tens of thousands of sites of care across 42 states, representing the full diversity of the country across age, geography, race, ethnicity, and gender. The Truveta Platform will enable researchers to find cures faster, empower every clinician to be an expert, and help families make the most informed decisions about their care.

The first insights from the Truveta Platform were also shared, focused on COVID-19. Truveta found 9-15% of fully vaccinated people who have a breakthrough infection end up hospitalized, with Johnson & Johnson having the highest hospitalization rate. People with high-risk conditions who have breakthrough cases are twice as likely to be hospitalized than the general population. Less than 1% of vaccinated people experience adverse events, with Moderna recipients having the most adverse events.

“One of the greatest travesties of COVID-19 is the failure of public institutions in the US to combat the pandemic using real-time data. The US is one of the few developed countries to lack a national COVID-19 dashboard with rich insights for effectively managing the pandemic. Most of the decisions made for COVID-19 have relied on outdated data from other countries not reflective of the diversity of the US. Death and hospitalization rates reflect this failure,” said Terry Myerson, CEO of Truveta. “With the moral imperative to address this significant gap, Truveta was born from innovative health systems who came together to deliver an unprecedented national dataset for US health. Now, Truveta is sharing the first COVID-19 insights in the US using real-time data, representing a major step forward in realizing our vision of saving lives with data.”

With the addition of three new large regional health system members – Ochsner Health, Saint Luke’s Health System and UnityPoint Health – Truveta now represents more than 16% of U.S. clinical care. With each new health system that joins Truveta, rarer and more precision conditions can be researched well, accelerating insights needed for better patient care. Truveta has also now secured nearly $200 million in funding to accelerate the development of this unprecedented data platform.

“It is a crucial time to join Truveta and be part of the solution to leverage our clinical data to advance care for our patients and for patients around the world,” said Melinda L. Estes, MD, President and CEO of Saint Luke’s Health System, “By joining Truveta, Saint Luke’s can contribute data for the global good of humanity and discover new insights that will inform critical public health decisions and provide information that will help us better care for our patients.” Estes was instrumental in helping hospitals navigate COVID-19 when she served as the chair of the American Hospital Association Board of Trustees at the start of the pandemic in January 2020.

Truveta Releases its First Insights on COVID-19

Truveta released the first set of COVID-19 insights from the Truveta Platform. Early findings include observations from a study* on breakthrough cases for people with comorbidities like cancer, diabetes, asthma and kidney disease, as well as insights on vaccine effectiveness and adverse events.

Findings include that:

  • Adverse events occur in less than 1% of people fully vaccinated. Moderna vaccinated patients are showing 40% more adverse events than Pfizer.*
  • 9% to 15% of people who have a breakthrough infection of COVID-19 end up hospitalized, with Pfizer vaccinated patients showing the 9% trend and Johnson & Johnson patients at 15%.*
  • 1 in 4 people with chronic kidney disease who have a breakthrough infection end up in the hospital. Of all high-risk conditions studied, patients with chronic kidney disease required hospitalization the most.**
  • People with high-risk conditions, like cancer, HIV or organ transplants, are no more likely than the general population to have a breakthrough case, which likely reflects their risk averse behaviors. Nevertheless, when they do get infected they end up hospitalized twice as often.**

“In just under two weeks, our team was able to ask and answer important medical questions using one of the largest comprehensive real-time datasets of fully vaccinated Americans,” said Nick Stucky, MD, PhD, Director of Clinical Research at Truveta and practicing infectious diseases physician at Providence Portland Medical Center. “I’m energized by the opportunity the Truveta Platform can offer to physicians like me and clinical researchers around the world to discover solutions to health problems at new levels of speed and accuracy. We invite other researchers to join us to explore and expand on these insights.”

Introducing the Truveta Platform

These insights were made possible by the Truveta Platform, which offers real-time insights for health. Data in the Truveta Platform is de-identified, updated daily, and comprehensive, including all EHR data such as labs, vitals, diagnosis codes, procedure codes, physician notes, and pathology reports, along with images and genomics. This data scale enables researchers to gather new insights and delivers generalizable results with statistical power. Data is refreshed daily and continuously flowing, providing researchers with an unprecedented opportunity to learn about our nation’s health every day.

“Quality and safety are our number one priorities, and Truveta will significantly enhance our ability to improve patient care outcomes for the communities we serve,” said Clay Holderman, president and CEO, UnityPoint Health. “Such real-time data allows us to rapidly understand the unique needs of our patients, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Truveta transforms data for faster insights using AI and machine learning, making billions of data points useful by structuring clinical data into a FHIR data model, leveraging SNOMED CT, RxNorm, and LOINC ontologies. Machine learning is used to carefully de-identify data compliant with HIPAA, while retaining patient journey timelines. Once de-identified, aggregate data flows into the Truveta Platform where researchers have many options to analyze the data, including exporting into their preferred analysis tools, building custom studies within the Truveta application, using the data within Jupyter notebooks or via APIs, or viewing it in customizable daily dashboards.

An early view of custom dashboards built by Truveta to show breakthrough infections and adverse events from de-identified clinical data provides a glimpse into the capabilities of the Truveta Platform. Early adopter customers can explore data on vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, breakthrough cases, and outcomes like hospitalized or not. The dashboard is interactive, allowing researchers to select populations to study by age, sex, race, comorbidity, and vaccine dose and company. The dashboard also includes reporting on frequency of adverse events and adverse events over time by vaccine dose and company.

For life science companies, the Truveta Platform offers unprecedented access to real-world data on how any drug or device is currently being used every day across the U.S., enabling researchers to find cures faster. Researchers can use the Truveta Platform to monitor safety and comparative effectiveness of drugs and therapeutics, inform label expansion efforts to serve more patients, explore patient journeys to inform research and development, and identify clinical trial sites for equitable trials.

For health systems, Truveta is an opportunity for innovative health systems to join together and apply their collective de-identified data to improve patient care, advance health equity, and expedite understanding of rare diseases. For health system members, Truveta offers a custom Truveta Embassy – a secure, private cloud-based environment – to normalize their data for use in their operations and research. Using insights from their Truveta Embassy or the aggregate de-identified data in the Truveta Platform, physicians and researchers can rapidly learn and advance care. Truveta creates a learning community to accelerate clinical research learning into clinical practice by enabling researchers to easily build on each other’s work across health systems, readily share their data driven questions and answers, and ultimately speed their time to insight.

“We are excited to join the other innovative health systems in this incredible learning community for health,” said Warner Thomas, president and CEO, Ochsner Health. “Together, we can learn from each other, collaborate on new insights, and ultimately better serve patients in our communities while advancing our united vision of saving lives and improving healthcare through the use of data.”

About Truveta

Truveta is the world’s first health system-led data platform with a vision of Saving Lives with Data. Through partnerships with 20 innovative health system members, the Truveta Platform will represent more than 16% of U.S. patient care from tens of thousands of clinical care sites in 42 states representing the full diversity of our country across age, geography, race, ethnicity, and gender. Truveta aims to help researchers find cures faster, empower every clinician to be an expert, and help families know they are receiving the best care for their condition. Truveta’s platform is licensed for ethical medical research, not to to target advertising to patients or physicians. Truveta is a tax paying entity. To learn more, please visit us at, follow us on Twitter @Truveta and at LinkedIn.

About Truveta’s Members

Truveta’s members provide ongoing governance and include Providence, Advocate Aurora Health, Trinity Health, Tenet Healthcare, Northwell Health, AdventHealthBaptist Health of Northeast Florida, Baylor Scott & White Health, Bon Secours Mercy Health, CommonSpirit HealthHawaii Pacific HealthHenry Ford Health System, Medstar Health, Memorial Hermann Health System, Novant Health, Ochsner Health, Saint Luke’s Health System, Sentara Healthcare, Texas Health Resources and UnityPoint Health.

 Insights generated from the Truveta Platform are real-time and updated daily as data from more health systems is de-identified and integrated into the Truveta Platform, revealing up-to-date insights as the nation’s health evolves.

* Data for these COVID-19 insights included more than 13 million clinical records.

**Read the full analysis of Truveta’s study, including statistical approaches and data sources, here.