In a study of more than 1.2 million patients, new research shows the interaction effects of multiple comorbidities on the increased risk of COVID-19 breakthrough infections and hospitalizations.

BELLEVUE, Wash. – February 23, 2023 – Today Truveta announced new COVID-19 research published in Vaccine using de-identified patient data from Truveta Studio™. The new research identified the risks of breakthrough infections and hospitalizations for vaccinated individuals with comorbidities.

The successful development of multiple COVID-19 vaccines has led to a global vaccination effort to reduce severe COVID-19 infection and mortality. However, the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines wane over time leading to breakthrough infections where vaccinated individuals experience a COVID-19 infection.

In exploring a population of 1,218,630 vaccinated, de-identified patients in Truveta Studio, this Truveta research found that vaccinated individuals with any of the studied comorbidities – chronic kidney disease, chronic lung disease, diabetes, or are in an immunocompromised state – experienced an increased risk of breakthrough COVID-19 infection and subsequent hospitalizations compared to the people without any of the studied comorbidities. Individuals with immunocompromising conditions and chronic lung disease were most at risk of breakthrough infection, while people with chronic kidney disease were most at risk of hospitalization following breakthrough infection.

Of note, patients with multiple comorbidities have an even greater risk of breakthrough infection or hospitalization compared to patients with none of the studied comorbidities. The research found that while patients with one of these four comorbidities had an increased risk of breakthrough COVID-19 infection compared to individuals without any of the studied comorbidities, patients with two or more of the comorbidities have further increased risk of breakthrough infection than would be expected by the independent effects of the comorbidities. In contrast, the increased risk of hospitalization following breakthrough infection associated with these comorbidities was found to increase odds of hospitalization in an independent, additive way with each additional comorbidity. The analysis indicates that when a patient had all four comorbidities studied, their risk of hospitalization following breakthrough infection was between 9 and 16 times that of a patient without any of the comorbidities.

“One of the most interesting findings in this research is how different comorbidities interact with each other,” said Peter Smits, PhD, principal applied scientist, Truveta Research. “Interaction effects are hard to estimate well and require large amounts of data. With Truveta Studio, we were able to get much higher quality estimates than would have been possible with smaller samples.”

Power of timely, representative data to speed time to insight

Researchers face frustrating months-long delays to their work — from assessing the feasibility of generating a representative population for analysis, to the time to create a secure data analytics infrastructure. Fragmented and limited tools slow research, drive-up costs, and limit transparency and trust in study conclusions.

Truveta Studio brings together unprecedented health data and analytics for researchers to study patient care and outcomes with any condition, drug, or medical device. Truveta Studio is the first integrated solution that combines data and analytics to accelerate learning in real time. No other system has been designed to study patient care and outcomes at this scale. Both the completeness of the data and the speed of accessing it cut the typical waiting and research time down from months to days.

“The COVID-19 pandemic illustrated the need for rapid insights from the timeliest data in order to improve patient care and save lives,” said Nick Stucky, MD, PhD, vice president of Research at Truveta and practicing infectious disease physician and researcher at Providence Portland Medical Center. “We are thrilled to share these COVID-19 breakthrough infection and hospitalization insights for those with comorbidities as we look at ongoing COVID-19 infection management. Our hope is that this study also serves as an example of the need to continue to move faster, as the initial version of these results were first made available over a year ago. As resources dedicated to research and review are more stretched, it is even more important to accelerate both analysis and critical review. We look forward to partnering with the research community across health systems and life science to make insights available quickly and to advance patient care and outcomes in all disease areas.”

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