We showcased a number of our employees for National Intern Day. Most of our Summer Intern Class of 2022 is finishing up their time at Truveta by the end of the month. Read on for more details about some of their work, projects, and how they connect to Truveta’s vision. 

Anshul Prakash  

I am from Mumbai, India and lived in Washington since 2017. I am a Computer Engineering student at Washington State University with two years of coursework left. This summer, I worked on email notification service and template management. During COVID I thought there was no way, as a software engineer, that I could have an impact on the healthcare system. Truveta gave me a way to help people during these tough times through their vision of saving lives with data. 

Kanishk Tanotra  

I am a graduate student at Arizona State University pursuing Computer Science. I work in the Search team. I primarily worked on backend services and use search API to build visualization and improve search quality. I believe working here has been a wonderful experience as I picked up a lot of new technical skills and contributed to the vision of saving lives with data. With its supportive culture and weekly tech deep dives, Truveta provided a perfect platform for me to grow and learn and become a better developer overall. 

Ibrahim Ansari 

I attend George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. I’ve been given an open-ended task of figuring out how to implement a pre-existing codebase in a different environment and then build upon that. I’ve had the opportunity to design and implement multiple solutions alongside extraordinary engineers and I’m extremely grateful for my mentors who’ve guided me along the way. As a computer science major who’s interested in healthcare, Truveta means the world to me by allowing me to help save lives with data! 

Dhaval Patodiya 

During the pandemic, I always thought that we have so much data and research going on in medical field, but why no one is using it? If we can use this data and can show which treatments are available and beneficial for any diseases, then we can find cures for  diseases like cancer, amnesia, etc. at a much faster rate and also avoid future pandemics. I always wanted to contribute to the healthcare field by coding and I worked on a project which will increase the productivity of annotators and efficiently track their workload. Contributing my work in Truveta’s vision motivates me to work faster and harder.  

Arushi Bhatia 

I’m a rising senior at Duke University studying Computer Science and Linguistics, and this is my second summer interning at Truveta! Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to focus on front-end work, and this summer, I’ve shifted gears a bit and primarily have been working on the back-end side. The project I’m working on is incredibly special because it has a variety of use cases — from being able to benefit patients whose loved ones are facing a procedure or were diagnosed with an illness, to help those studying rare diseases learn more about the patient journeys of others, especially when data may be limited. I’m so grateful for my time at Truveta here this summer and I’ve enjoyed working on my team! Special thanks for always helping me learn and encouraging me to ask questions! 

Perrin Myerson  

I’ve been working in internal metrics and pipeline optimization in Azure and Datadog. I integrate and implement event handles and methods of tracking features such as error rate and latency into all service calls. This saves a ton of time for all parties involved and can really help make workflow more efficient. Working at Truveta has been such an amazing experience where I can apply elements of my education to the real world, and it’s taught me so many skills I never would have learned otherwise. With an incredible manager and host of mentors, I truly feel like a difference has been made both in the work I did, and my knowledge and capabilities as a software engineer.  

Danish Jain 

I am from Mumbai, India and currently I am pursuing my Master’s in Computer Science at USC, graduating in May 2023. I worked on setting up servers locally and developing tools for the purpose of managing images. I joined Truveta to be a part of their vision of saving lives with data. 

Sanika Joshi  

I am an undergraduate rising senior at the University of Washington in Seattle, studying bioengineering with a concentration in data science. My focus has been on data analysis and visualization. I aim to automate the groupings of de-identified patient encounters based on selective features, and visualize key components of a de-identified patient’s journey, including diagnoses, medications, lab results, etc. I have always wanted to make an impact in the healthcare field using computational and analytical skills, so joining Truveta felt like the perfect fit. It has been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to explore and learn more about all the different projects that this company has to offer. 

Sharon Wong 

I’m working on building an ontology reasoning engine to help researchers find relevant de-identified data for a study of interest. This will help clinicians and researchers leverage the power of the Truveta platform without needing to be familiar with the details of ontologies, which will help make the Truveta service more accessible to a wider audience of researchers.  

Mannan Bhola 

I am currently doing my Masters in Bioinformatics at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. During my summer stint here, I worked on a solution to help validate the patient de-identification process — I also worked on a tool to quantify the data utility we are getting from the anonymized data to help validate the value of the data to the researchers after the de-identification process. 

Shourya Agrawal 

I was born in India but moved to Qatar when I was around 5. I lived there until I came to the US for my undergrad. I attend the University of Wisconsin Madison and am a rising senior. I worked on multiple projects here at Truveta, including an important researcher profile project as part of the log-in experience.  In the current times, data is the most powerful tool we have, it can be used in a myriad of ways, however, we use this very data in the best and most noble way possible — to help others and save lives. 

Vivek Sunkara 

I’m from Sammamish, Washington and except for the two years I spent in Hyderabad, India, I’ve lived in Washington my whole life. I’m a rising Sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Computer Science and Data Science. Truveta’s vision of saving lives with data means a lot to me personally, as during my freshman year I was hospitalized right around finals week with appendicitis. That experience in the hospital, along with hearing some stories from my friends who work in healthcare, motivated me to apply to be an intern at Truveta to help out doctors in a way that’s best suited for my skills. At Truveta, I helped with file configuration needs related to de-identification.  


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