Delivering on our vision of Saving Lives with Data would not be possible without the amazing talent of our team. Approaching 200 employees, I am proud of the diverse backgrounds of our employees that includes engineers, physician scientists, clinical informaticists, designers, marketers, researchers and biostatisticians.  Our team is inspired to make exceptional impact every single day.

Last year we welcomed our inaugural class of Engineering interns.  Comprised of both graduate and undergraduate students, our 2021 intern class made lasting contributions to our business including some who’ve joined us full time.

I’m thrilled to welcome our 2022 intern class to Truveta!  We’ve expanded our program to include graduate, undergraduate and post-doctoral interns in Engineering, Machine Learning, Data Science, Clinical Informatics and Ethics.  Our 25 interns represent schools including: Duke University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Washington, George Mason University, Washington State University, University of Massachusetts, Georgia Tech, University of Pittsburg, New York University (NYU), University of California Berkeley, Indiana University, UCLA, Arizona State University, University of Michigan, MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and University of Arizona.

From our earliest days, Truveta has had a commitment to diversity.   In addition to work experience, our team is represented by many ethnicities and genders.  I am proud that over 88% of our 2022 intern class are people of color and/or female.

Our interns are inspired by our vision of Saving Lives with Data and the opportunity to work alongside some of the top talent in our industry.  Our 12-week program pairs each intern with a senior leader who provides daily mentorship and project alignment and a career partner for weekly support.  Projects span across multiple disciplines providing opportunities for students to gain real work opportunities.  Creating community within our 2022 intern class is an important initiative of our program.  Interns are encouraged to participate in events to build lasting relationships with their peers and other Truveta colleagues.

Please join me in welcoming our 2022 Intern class! Here’s more from a few of them about  what inspired them to join Truveta.

Danish Jain, University of Southern California

This pandemic made me realize how important the healthcare sector is to this world. Furthermore, I always wanted to work at a startup as one gets to learn a lot of different things. I am a graduate engineering intern and the favorite part about my role is that currently I am working on a completely new project in which I have no prior experience and thus this challenging task is what motivates me to work harder and complete the given task on time.

Kristi Boyd, Duke University

I had the opportunity to work on a project for Truveta last semester and loved it. I really appreciate how intentional our leadership is in making sure what Truveta does is innovative, impactful, and ethical. I wanted to be a part of the process and learn from the team.  I take “saving lives with data” quite literally. We have information (data) that can help save someone’s life through an innovative therapy, a well-timed drug, or procedure. I get to be a part of it.

Aldric Gozon, University of California Berkeley

I came to Truveta because I had interest in working in a space with large sets of data having taken some data science classes, and I was attracted to the notion of working at the intersection of that and healthcare, which is very important to me. Saving lives with data for me means to use data to further advance solutions to health-related problems, to break down all access barriers to information to ensure well-informed approaches/solutions, and to let everyone help each other and save lives.

Sina Ehsani, University of Arizona

I decided to do the internship at Truveta to save lives with data. I like the task that has been given to me – it has lots of potential and is research based as I hoped for. Saving lives with data means a great deal. We’ve seen data used in other fields, and it’s helped us as humans. So I know about power data and its potential to save lives. I believe Truveta can do it, and I am honored to be a part of this mission.

Shourya Agrawal, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Last semester, I took a course on Data Ethics where I learned about the different approaches taken towards user data and algorithms. Some were good but most were not. This really intrigued me, and I looked for organizations dealing with such data – and learned about Truveta. I applied and when I got an opportunity to be a part of the team, I leaped on it! Data has become really powerful recently. One can use it in a multitude of ways. But helping people with it is a very selfless act. To aid people medically is very noble and one of the reasons I was attracted to Truveta in the first place.