As Chief People Officer of Truveta, it has been my honor to help build our team from just a few of us to over 100 incredibly talented team members. We are deeply committed to building a world-class team to help us deliver on our vision of Saving Lives with Data.

Over the last months, our team has grown in diversity of expertise including engineers, physician scientists, clinical informaticists, designers, data-visual researchers & biostatisticians. We have welcomed talent from some of the world’s top technology companies and health institutions who are inspired to make an impact every single day.

We’re only just beginning and part of investing in the future of Truveta is investing in the future of our workforce. While some companies may not prioritize a summer intern program when less than a year old, Truveta is not your typical company.

This summer we are delighted to welcome 14 interns to Truveta.

This first class of exceptional undergrad and graduate program interns join us from schools across the United States including DePaul University, Duke University, Florida Institute of Technology, Marquette University, Rice University, Tufts University, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, University of Pennsylvania, University of South Florida, University of Washington, and University of Wisconsin – Madison.

We’re so thrilled to welcome this group of talented young women and men. From their studies in computer science, information science, operations research and biocomputing, they will work with the Truveta engineering and product teams building the Truveta platform toward our vision of Saving Lives with Data.

As part of the 10-week program, each Truvetan intern is paired with a senior leader who provides daily mentorship and project alignment, and a career buddy for weekly support.

Please join me in welcoming our newest team members and learn a bit more about why they joined Truveta.

Arushi Bhatia, Duke University

For me, computer science and engineering are about creating something that can have a tangible and positive impact on someone. At Truveta, I am able to do just that. Truveta’s vision of saving lives with data allows me to produce meaningful work and use computer science in this way. Welcoming and supporting diversity and women in tech is also very important, and I am happy to see Truveta’s commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and female growth.

Griffin Berschauer, Marquette University

I recently graduated with a degree in biomedical computing and Truveta is the ideal perfect place to gain experience both in a real development environment and in working alongside the medical field.

Vijay Chauhan, University of South Florida

I believe Truveta has a chance to improve health and I want to be a part of that. In school, I’ve developed health-related applications and done my thesis on detecting tumors in lungs using AI and data. I’m looking forward to continuing to find ways to contribute to the pursuit of health insights with data.

Sathvik Kakanuru, Rice University

With my interest in data science and biology, Truveta is a great fit for me. Witnessing the passion and belief everyone shares in the mission at the company only strengthened my resolve to make a difference in the field.

Baekjun Kim, Rice University

In a previous role, I was working on detecting disease from medical images and X-rays. I wanted to be able to build on this work and I think I can do that at Truveta.

Vivek Mathur, Tufts University

I’m super passionate about Truveta’s mission and eager to further expand my software development skills.

Sudheer Nadella, University of South Florida

I have family history passionate about improving health, especially using computer science and machine learning skills for that. I previously volunteered for a clinic to help with collecting and preprocessing data implementing lung field segmentation for COVID-19 classification using Deep learning and think I can continue to make a difference in this field with Truveta’s vision of Saving Lives with Data.

Van Minh Nguyen, Florida Institute of Technology

I read an article about Truveta and the company is a perfect fit for my background in biochemistry and applied math. At school, I research about (mathematical) analysis and model of cancer replication, and I’m passionate about continuing and sharing the result of this work with Truveta’s researchers.

Deepika Patil, University of Washington

I’ve always been interested in biology and wanted to find a way to apply my computer science skills to advance knowledge in this space. Truveta seems like a great place for me to do that.

Anirudh Pochiraju, University of Pennsylvania

I joined Truveta because I am very interested in both healthcare and big data technology. I am an MD candidate currently taking a break from school to pursue my master’s in computer science and when I heard about the amazing work being done at Truveta I knew I just had to be a part of it.

Ravi Sangani, University of Washington

I’m passionate about making a direct impact on people’s lives through use of emerging technologies and data. At school, I have been helping with bioinformatics research and that solidified my drive to help people through innovations in healthcare/bioinformatics. Truveta’s mission lines up exactly with this passion, and I am excited to learn and contribute.

Vidya Silai, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

I am looking for a good experience tackling real world problems, particularly one in a place that seeks to have a large-scale impact on the most significant aspect of peoples’ lives: their health. Truveta fit that perfectly for me.

Xiaofei Wei, University of Wisconsin – Madison

I really like the vision Saving Lives with Data and can relate to my own experience developing skills around data science. My education from the Information School of UW-Madison helps me develop my interest in the relationship between information, people, and technology. Truveta is a great place to use technology and health information to empower different stakeholders, and I’m excited to work with colleagues with such diverse backgrounds and expertise in Truveta.

Xiaowei Yu, DePaul University

I’m interested in perfecting my production-level code writing ability. Also, I’m inspired by Truveta’s mission and work in the healthcare space. For me, Truveta is the best place to learn knowledge from the experienced team and the best place to save lives with data.

We are so excited to have these special Truvetans join us! We are growing quick and constantly updating our job postings. You can always check them out here.