As a new company, our top priority is building an amazing team. Since we first posted our website in late October, our team has already doubled in size. We continue to meet incredible candidates every day. One of the first questions many candidates ask is to describe our company culture. As we grow quickly, we are thoughtfully building our culture together.

The biggest cultural driver of Truveta is our vision – Saving Lives with Data. This vision is embedded in our name: Truveta = Truth + Knowledge.

Everyone at Truveta joined our team to be part of our “Why”. Our “Why” inspires us every single day to deliver our mission – to drive innovation in patient care and development of new therapies. When we see the world continue to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, see our family members fight cancer or any number of health conditions, making life changing decisions without good data – we know the world needs Truveta.

We recently created our shared values with our entire team contributing. At Truveta, we have three foundational values that guide our work:

  • Purpose. We believe truth plus knowledge can make a difference in the world. We believe insights from data can significantly advance human health. We are courageous innovators.
  • Humanity. We believe equitable care should be available to all. We are compassionate and lead with humility. We do our best work together and build meaningful relationships.
  • Trust. We lead with scientific and ethical integrity. Patient privacy and data security are paramount. We protect the sanctity of data and value community trust.

These values are enduring and come to life for us each day through our cultural norms. While our culture will continue to evolve as we grow, we already know a set of cultural norms that will help make Truveta the company it needs to become to achieve our vision.

  • Mission-led. We are thinking big. We are transparent with each other, continuously ensuring we have clarity and alignment on our individual and team goals. We empower our teams to make outsized impacts.
  • Respectful. We celebrate diversity and believe our differences make us better. We encourage debate and discussions. We value every opinion. We trust the people we hire. This means we have few policies – we expect our team to take the vacation or leave they need, expense items with Truveta’s best interests at the forefront, and to make responsible decisions.
  • Excellence. We are committed to excellence. We are hiring world-class expertise. We invest in our team and reward the impact made toward our bold mission. Because our vision is world-changing, we want the superstars, the playmakers, and the disruptors to join our team. We work very hard. We also deeply believe in having fun while doing good.

If this culture resonates with you, please reach out – we’re well funded to pursue this vision and looking for many great team members to join us!

Building a company and a culture is an incredible opportunity. I am grateful for this new team, and this opportunity, every day. 2020 was hard in so many ways for our world. I continue to also be grateful for the frontline workers, researchers, clinicians and so many others that are working tirelessly to care for us.

As we head into the holiday season for many, I hope you have health, gratitude, and peace as we head into the new year.