These previously blank walls were a chance to tell a story of who we are and what we love.

I believe in the power of design to create culture that shapes the future. That’s why when I was invited to design a mural for Truveta’s new headquarters, I couldn’t have been more excited. This was an opportunity to build a meaningful space that would influence how Truvetans live, work, and generate world-changing ideas for years to come. Not only would the mural be the showcase of our identity to customers and visitors alike, the mural would also need to inspire us to cultivate a spirit of joy in every aspect of our product.

With full creative freedom, I set to work on thinking of how to best capture the voice of our company and mission through an enormous canvas of unbounded possibility. The design for the mural centered around a core concept:

A garden of life and growth

Truveta is growing a learning community.  We bring researchers together by fostering an inclusive environment that inspires users to connect, share, and build upon each other’s work.

Our design team is always looking for ways to facilitate helpful, considerate, and meaningful communication. The mural’s visuals draw inspiration from live, flourishing gardens to represent the growth of our data platform and its surrounding community, as well as our commitment to saving lives with data. Just as a real garden requires intense love and care through watering, fertilizing, etc., we as a company must strive to maintain high standards for consistency in design across all platforms, paying close attention to the details of every tool and interaction.

Tulips, daisies, dandelions, lilies and more! The mural’s many plants and flowers hint at more than just a cheerful garden scene. It also represents the vast diversity of our team at Truveta. With a huge variety of backgrounds and cultures, we’re finding that a diverse, inclusive team helps us have a better understanding of our customer needs, and ultimately makes for a better product.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this mural possible. We couldn’t have done it without the picture-perfect painting from Leo Shallat, the talented muralist who did an amazing job bringing this vision to life. Thank you to Lisa Gurry, Terry Myerson, Annie Spencer, and Lucas Wang for overseeing this project and contributing to its design.

I cannot wait to see all the amazing work that comes out of this new, beautiful space!

– Marisa

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