Truveta has an ambitious vision of saving lives with data. To the people who work here, it’s not just a source of inspiration, it’s deeply personal. We interviewed employees across the company on why they came to work at Truveta, and the resounding answer was because they want to make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

“The work that we’re doing can potentially impact everyone in the world. And I don’t think that very many people can say that in the work that they’re doing.”

Achieving Truveta’s ambitious vision requires an incredible team of talented people that share our common values. We asked everyone we interviewed which of the below values speaks the most to them, as we try our best to live them every day.

  • Focus on our purpose
    We believe truth plus knowledge – the genesis of our name, Truveta – can make a big difference in the world. We obsess over the success of our members and customers who share our vision of Saving Lives with Data.
  • Earn trust
    We have the utmost respect for the responsibility we carry. We challenge ourselves to meet the high expectations of patients, providers, regulators, and scientists on privacy, security, ethics, and data quality. We also recognize we each need to earn the trust of our teammates by working transparently and doing our best work.
  • Contribute for impact
    You have the opportunity to influence and make a big impact. It requires working hard and pitching in. No task is beneath any of us and every detail matters. Our diversity gives us each a unique perspective and we respect all opinions. We focus on the best outcome, not ownership or control.
  • Freedom with responsibility
    We trust you to innovate towards our shared goals, use great judgment, and make responsibly frugal decisions. We have high standards and reject mediocrity. We embrace work from anywhere. We believe you can accomplish great things from your home or our office home.
  • Be curious
    Progress is born out of questions asked. We are always learning, humble before the complexity of our vision. We learn from failures and do not place blame.