Truveta just held our first webinar, “Advancing Clinical Research Through Unprecedented Data and a Learning Community for Health.”

Thank you to Heather Landi of Fierce Healthcare for leading the conversation with Terry Myerson, Truveta’s CEO, Ryan Ahern, MD, MPH, Truveta’s Chief Medical Officer, and Amy Compton-Phillips, MD, the President of Clinical Operations at Providence. Here are a few highlights from the webinar:

  • “The concept that we need to work together — to use data, analytics, and modern tools and technology to transform care delivery — is absolutely something we’ve all been seeking. We thought that in this peri-pandemic world, Truveta could be the answer.” — Amy Compton-Phillips, MD
  • “It’s exciting to work with these researchers when they see, for the first time, the most complete patient journeys that we have ever seen before.” — Terry Myerson
  • “As a clinician, the first principle about linking the socioeconomic data with the clinical data is that so often these social determinants attributes or factors about patients have as big of an impact or a bigger impact on health outcomes than a lot of the medical interventions that we so often focus on.” — Ryan Ahern, MD, MPH 

For more from our expert panel on the power of unprecedented data and the possibilities of early patient insights, check out the full webinar today.