One of the biggest challenges the healthcare industry faces today is getting fast answers to pressing medical questions on any disease, drug, or device.

To address this critical need, Truveta is a collective of 24 health systems who came together with a shared vision of saving lives with data.

Today I’m thrilled to announce that Truveta is collaborating with Boston Scientific to improve long-term patient care and gain insights into healthcare disparities.

Through this collaboration, Boston Scientific researchers will access Truveta’s robust and timely data from more than 65 million de-identified US patient journeys to gain insights on a breadth of devices and disease states, including peripheral artery disease (PAD), venous thromboembolic disease, and segments of interventional oncology.

Truveta data provides the most up-to-date picture of U.S. health across race, geography, ethnicity, socioeconomic factors and more. Data are updated daily and include the full EMR – including medical device-specific data, not just the medical bill from claims data, all fully de-identified and aggregated. This clinical data is linked across providers and with medical claims when care is provided outside Truveta’s network. Every patient record is enhanced with comprehensive socio-economic data and daily mortality data for a complete picture of each patient’s health journey and long-term insights that can advance patient care, while preserving privacy.

PAD is a common disease that causes narrowing of the arteries in the lower extremities and, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, affects approximately 6.5 million people age 40 and older in the United States.

This month is PAD Awareness Month, and Truveta recently shared new insights from its de-identified data. You can read more about today’s announcement in the press release, as well as see the full insights on PAD in the Truveta Research blog.

Our Truveta members and our entire team at Truveta are honored to be collaborating with Boston Scientific.

The world needs answers faster. Together, we will help.

— Terry