Truveta is a healthcare company that is passionate about improving patient care and saving lives by harnessing the transformative potential of EHR data and artificial intelligence (AI). In a recent article from Microsoft that highlighted our vision and mission, “How Truveta is using data and AI to improve patient care and save lives,” we shared how we hope to shape the future of healthcare. We highlighted the power of EHR data to drive meaningful change in healthcare and research.

Unlocking the potential of data and AI in healthcare

Truveta’s EHR Data is the most complete, timely and clean EHR data, including full patient medical records, notes and images, linked with claims, SDOH, and mortality data for more than 100 million patients across the US. Unlocking the Potential of Data and AI in Healthcare Data is the cornerstone of progress in today’s digital age, and healthcare is no exception. Every day, the healthcare industry generates a vast wealth of data, including electronic health record data and clinical notes, diagnostic imaging studies, medical device data, and genetic testing and patient-generated data. However, this treasure trove of information has often remained untapped, hindered by fragmented, incomplete, and inaccessible patient data.

Truveta’s mission is to break down these barriers, liberating healthcare data from its silos and making it accessible. When harnessed effectively, data can empower the healthcare ecosystem with previously hidden, deep clinical insights, thus driving innovation, improving patient outcomes, and, most importantly, saving lives.

AI-powered insights

A core pillar of Truveta’s approach is the integration of powerful analytics and AI in healthcare. Data from our 30 health system members is updated daily, and then those billions of data points are cleaned with unmatched accuracy to discover insights on yesterday’s care, today. Truveta does this by applying the Truveta Language Model, a large-language, multi-modal AI model that transforms clinical notes and other data-points with industry-leading normalization. These insights can redefine patient care, revolutionize clinical research, and streamline healthcare operations.

Truveta’s AI-powered insights are particularly relevant to senior pharmaceutical researchers. By leveraging Truveta’s comprehensive, secure, and anonymized data, researchers can gain a deeper understanding of patient populations, identify new treatment opportunities, and optimize clinical trial design. Truveta’s data-driven insights can also help researchers identify and address health disparities, ensuring that all patients receive the care they need.

Collaboration for impact

We understand that the healthcare landscape is complex and multifaceted, and no single organization can address its challenges alone. Collaboration is at the heart of our foundation and strategy. Truveta was formed by leading health systems from across the US, and our data comes from this growing collective. We firmly believe that driving meaningful change in healthcare requires a unified effort across our health systems and life sciences partners.

Security and privacy

At Truveta, we recognize that safeguarding the security and privacy of healthcare data is non-negotiable. Healthcare data is arguably the most sensitive data there is, and we recognize our obligation to treat it with the highest level of security and privacy. To meet this obligation, we have implemented deep security and privacy processes, protocols, and controls. Our commitment extends to complying with all relevant data privacy regulations, ensuring that data is used responsibly and ethically to enhance patient care. Privacy, confidentiality and security of health information are woven into the fabric of everything we do at Truveta.

Conclusion: AI in healthcare

Truveta’s commitment to data-driven innovation is transforming the healthcare industry. By unlocking the potential of EHR data, analytics and AI, Truveta is empowering healthcare providers, researchers, and institutions to deliver better care, improve patient outcomes, and save lives. Join Truveta on this exciting journey to reshape healthcare and unlock the full potential of data and AI.