Today Truveta CEO Terry Myerson talked with leaders from across the pharmaceutical industry at Reuters’ Pharma USA 2022 (#REpharmaUSA) in Philadelphia during a keynote presentation, sharing how we can work together to transform healthcare.

In Myerson’s keynote, he talked about how many industries have already benefitted from the impact of digital transformation. Incredible innovation in cloud computing, big data, internet quality and speed, and mobile device and app proliferation have transformed nearly every industry. Amazon revolutionized the way we buy, informed by personal recommendations. Netflix forever changed the entertainment industry, evolving movies from the Blockbuster era to personalized content.

How have these transformations been so successful? Real-time data to inform innovation and delight customers.

In March 2020, a life science company approached our health system member, Providence, asking for data on the effectiveness of their drug in treating COVID. We were shocked they didn’t know – but of course, there had been no clinical trials done on COVID. In that moment, Myerson shared it was so clear that learning in healthcare and life science was 25 years behind the tech, media, and retail industries – and Truveta was formed.

Now, Truveta and its members – 20 of the largest healthcare systems in the US – are welcoming life science innovators to join us as we work toward our vision of Saving Lives with Data.

Together, we can take better care of patients, produce more effective and safer therapies, and staff clinical trials more quickly. You can learn more about our offerings for life science organizations here.

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