The key to any disease study is rich data. We recently met with the CEO of a biotech company that specializes in the development of immunotherapies. He and his team had tried to recruit patients for a series of clinical trials related to several rare disease therapies. But, despite an extensive clinical trial management network, and after several months, they were struggling to find suitable candidates.

We were confident that we could help. Using the tools in our recently launched Truveta Studio, we ran a query using 6 basic criteria. Within seconds, our system came up with hundreds of potential candidates. We then moved to two other studies with other criteria and found even more potential candidates — thousands of them, in fact.

Today, we are now working with our healthcare network members to qualify these candidates and move to the next phase of the patient recruitment process.

To learn more about how we’re supporting rare disease research and challenging clinical trial recruitment projects like this, we invite you to download our recent paper, Our Approach to Analytics.

Truveta offers researchers a truly unprecedented dataset. Truveta’s members (that is, the health networks that supply our data) comprise 25 leading health systems and provide 16% of all US healthcare. Data from this care is updated daily and includes complete patient medical records (including clinical notes, images, and genomics) linked across health systems and augmented with social determinants of health (SDOH), mortality, and claims data.

Of course, a rich dataset is only as good as the ability to search that data. And this is where Truveta Studio comes in, enabling researchers to run complex queries with unparalleled speed. Just how fast is Truveta Studio? Had our research team run those same clinical trial queries above in SQL, processing times would have taken hours. Factor in additional queries needed to refine a population, and this processing time could easily have extended to days.

Here’s how it works with Truveta: A researcher runs a query in Truveta Studio, and the system instantly returns a population estimate listing the number of patients matching the query criteria as well as additional demographic information. As the researcher refines a query, the population estimate is updated in real time. The researcher can then generate a ‘snapshot’ of all patient records in the population for deeper analysis — all with just a few clicks.

In our paper, we also explain how you can quickly get started running powerful queries like this in just a few minutes, whether it’s for clinical trial recruitment or breakthrough research. Watch this space for more exciting research being conducted using Truveta Studio. For more, check out how we’re helping researchers access data and analytics that deliver, and we invite you to download our free whitepaper: Our Approach to Data Analytics.

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