‘Tis the holiday season

And all through Truveta

The staff dreams of our mission:

Saving lives with data.


It’s been a big year

Much progress was made

But before we hit Jan.,

Many thanks must be paid


To our teammates, our partners,

Our customers, too

And to those following our journey —

AKA people like you!


So we’ll count ‘em down

From ten until one:

Our year’s favorite moments

Then call ‘22 done


Check back here each day

For a sweet memory

And then meet us back here

In 2023!  


Day 1: Partnership with LexisNexis Risk Solutions 

The 2022 calendar year started with our partnership with LexisNexis Risk Solutions, which enables us to link our de-identified full patient medical records with mortality, insurance claims, and comprehensive social drivers of health data for a complete longitudinal patient journey. 

Day 1: Truveta and LexisNexis Risk Solutions


Day 2: Our new Truveta HQ in Bellevue, WA 

We opened the doors to the new Truveta headquarters. We embrace a “work from anywhere” policy, but having a shared space to come together as employees or meet with customer and partners has fostered collaboration, connection, and community. In April and September, we brought all the Truveta employees from around the country together at Truveta HQ for incredible planning weeks filled with demos, team building, and a lot of fun, and recently, Terry spoke to the Puget Sound Business Journal about our HQ. 

Day 2: Image of Truveta's office in Bellevue, WA


Day 3: CEO Terry Myerson demos Truveta at ViVE 2022 

In March 2022, we attended ViVE 2022, where we enjoyed Truveta’s first mainstage keynote. We were excited to share a demo of Truveta’s unprecedented data in action for the very first time. As part of our Truveta demo, we showed how any researcher in the Truveta community can easily reproduce our November clinical study on COVID-19 breakthrough infections and comorbidities. 

Day 3: CEO Terry Myerson presenting a demo on stage at ViVE


Day 4: ISO + SOC certifications 

We celebrated earning three International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards and completed Type 1 SOC 2 examination, which recognized the deep security and privacy processes, protocols, and controls we’ve put in place to safeguard healthcare data and earn the trust of our customers and members. 

Day 4: ISO 27001 Certified


Day 5: Collaboration with Pfizer 

In June, we were honored to announce our collaboration with Pfizer to deliver new safety insights on a continuous basis, using verifiable real-world data at scale. 

Day 5: An image of the press release announcing the collaboration with Pfizer


Day 6: Welcoming new health system members 

In September, we welcomed four new health system members to Truveta: WellSpan Health, Centura Health, MetroHealth, and Virtua Health. Then in October, we welcomed HonorHealth. Truveta now has 25 members who provide patient care in over 20,000 clinics and 700 hospitals across 43 states. 

Day 6: An image of all of Truveta's health system members' logos


Day 7: Truveta Research compiles COVID-19 learnings 

To cap off an incredible year, Truveta Research shared an overview of all the insights we have learned about COVID-19 so far — from breakthrough infections to trends in hospitalizations across different waves, to exploring long COVID’s potential connection to mental health (which was featured in a recent Reuters story). 

Day 7: The cover of the COVID-19 Insights ebook


Day 8: Strategic partnership with Boston Scientific  

In September, we announced our collaboration with Boston Scientific to improve long-term patient care and gain insights into healthcare disparities related to a breadth of devices and disease states, including peripheral artery disease (PAD), venous thromboembolic disease, and segments of interventional oncology. Truveta’s data uniquely empowers researchers with real-world data on how any drug or device is currently being used every day across the U.S. Additionally, Truveta Research released insights around PAD disparities in care. 

Day 8: An image of Dr. Michael R. Jaff, DO, CMO at Boston Scientific 

Day 9: A year’s worth of Truveta Research Insights  

In addition to studying COVID-19 and peripheral artery disease, Truveta Research also explored trending events that impact healthcare, like the relationship between asthma-related ED visits and poor air quality index during wildfire season in the PNW, whether Chadwick Boseman’s death had an impact on colon cancer screenings, STIs and birth rates during the pandemic, and how the baby formula recalls impacted hospitalization rates of newborns and infants. 

Day 9: Images of insights from Truveta Research


Day 10: Launch of Truveta Studio  

Our Day 10 moment was really one of our very favorites this year: In early November, we announced the availability of Truveta Studio, our integrated solution that brings together unprecedented health data and analytics for researchers to study patient care and outcomes on any condition, drug, or medical device. Truveta Studio offers the most timely, complete, and highest quality data on US health. 

Day 10: An image of the Truveta Studio datasheet